A two-year effort to crack down on the creation and distribution of drugs in Ibiza, Barcelona, and Girona in Catalonia, has ended with the country’s Civil Guard arresting 21 individuals, including a prominent resident DJ.

The arrests made during “Operation Pertinax” are in connection with an international drug trafficking ring and Hugo Bianco, the suspected leader, who allegedly used his connections as a well known resident DJ in Ibiza. In 2018 suspicion grew around a group of individuals living in the Balearic Islands in who were selling ketamine and MDMA.

With drugs distributed in Spain and the United States, a joint task force was created with American Homeland Security Investigations that led to three arrests in Miami, the seizure of 15 kilos of MDMA tablets, and 14 kilos of liquid ketamine. Additionally, a recent report claims, “Raids on eight homes and businesses netted eight kilos of the synthetic drugs ecstasy and ketamine, 38 kilos of dried marihuana buds ready for sale and 4,500 plants located in three indoor and one outdoor plantation.”

Other items were seized in connection with the operation and the investigators believe that the organization distributed and exported over two million tablets of drugs over the course of three years.

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Photo: stephendotcarter