In an effort to rally support for the thousands of music venues impacted by the Corona Virus pandemic, hundreds of buildings across the U.S. — from New York’s Empire State Building to Seattle’s Space Needle — were bathed in red light on Tuesday evening (September 1st).

Led by We Make Events North America, the concerted effort is aimed at encouraging Congress to pass the Restart Act, which would provide much-needed assistance for the live-entertainment industry and other businesses devastated by the pandemic. Many have rightfully pointed out that their businesses, which thrive off of in-person events, was amongst the first to be shut down at the beginning of COVID-19, and remains one of the last to open as restrictions ease. Those who previously made a living through entertainment have seen little to no income since mid-March ( with 77% of workers in the field having lost 100% of their income).

“We Make Events NA estimates that, including the buildings that didn’t officially sign on to the participation list, the number of buildings involved estimated close to 2,500, while the official number is 2,088,” says Brad Nelms, national director for We Make Events North America. In addition to the red wash, a demonstration was held in Times Square as a public display of support that included dozens of road cases (signifying the live-entertainment business). See some of the illuminated buildings that took part in urging Congress to help their constituents below.

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Photo: gorfor