The Los Angeles-based Young Musicians Foundation is making its debut with a concert series dubbed “Yeethoven.” That title is a portmanteau of Kanye West‘s 2013 Grammy-nominated album Yeezus and Ludwig Van Beethoven, world-renowned German composer of the Romantic-era known for such masterpieces as his Fifth Symphony (op. 67) and An die Freude (Ode to Joy). The performance is part of the Foundation’s Great Music Series, which is co-curated by conductor Yuga Cohler and arranger Stephen Feigenbaum. The 70-piece orchestra will perform a mashup of pieces such as Egmont Overture, Symphony No. 5 (op. 67), and String Quartet No. 14 (op. 131) interspersed with cuts from West’s album. Cohler says the fusion of pieces celebrates: “Both musicians’ willingness to ruthlessly abandon tradition, and their influence on that larger culture can’t be overstated.” Yeethoven will be performed at The Aratani Theatre in Los Angeles on April 16th. To hear Symphony No. 5 alongside “Blood on the Leaves,” check out the promo video below.

Kanye West is also making recent headlines after he made the bold statement that his latest offering The Life of Pablo would be a Tidal-exclusive release. But as of yesterday, you can hear the album in its entirety on almost any commercial streaming platform such as Spotify and Google Play Music. And yes, that means Apple Music too. In addition, West also stated the album would never be for sale, although now you can purchase it on his official website.