Former lead singer for the Norwegian death-punk band act, Turbonegro, Hank von Hell goes it alone on “Disco”, the latest single from Dead, his current solo full length.

A significant departure from the Scandinavian’s hard Rock roots, “Disco” is a more subtle, club culture friendly release with verses that remind the listener of the 1984 classic “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell on Motown Records.

Currently under remix production for worldwide release, the original single comes complete with an incredibly kitch video features taking vintage ski slopes clips and acrobatics while the 47-year-old singer’s voice plays in the background. The visuals and the song are as juxtaposed as Hank’s sonic shift from his former band’s sound and what could easily become a worldwide dance/rock anthem with “Disco.

Slated for release on June 15th via Sony Music, the Dead full length is not a new idea for the singer, as he stated “I actually wrote this album and the concept of it, probably ten or fifteen years ago. My life hasn’t really been the “sunny side up” all the time, so this is my way of expressing that. The idea of the album came about when I was a in a really creative and hectic mood last year, and I basically turned every single dark period of my life into music.”

Watch this space for more news on Hank von Hell as the world readies itself for the extended vocal, radio, and instrumental/dub remixes of “Disco”.

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Photo: Tr90aon