Halsey turns up her support for equality and the Black Lives Matter initiative by launching a special fund to help black creators.

Dubbed “Black Creators Fund”, the charity plans to provide financial support, resources and a robust platform for black creators, said the singer in a statement posted to Instagram. “Looking for black creators who want to enrich the world with their work,” she wrote, “use #BLACKCREATORSFUND & tag your favorite black creators in the comments.” 100% funded by Halsey’s team, the initiative will help amplify black artists’ voices and perspectives.


The bi-racial singer-songwriter has participated in the nationwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd and has shared her experiences at those marches on social media. “We were peaceful hands up not moving not breaching the line,” she wrote in one post. “They opened fire of rubber bullets and tear gas multiple times on us. citizens who were not provoking them.”

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Photo: DeShaun Craddock