After much talk and teasing, Halsey finally unveilws the video for her upcoming album’s single, “Graveyard.”

Directed by Anton Tammi and featuring ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirls, aquariums and more, the clip opens with the star sitting on her bed, sketching a picture of a young woman. As her pad begins to glow, the drawing comes to life in the form of co-star Sydney Sweeney, before the two are transported to a magical amusement park.

While the video and Capitol Records-released audio continue to play, the two run around the park, trying out the different rides and games, flirting with one another as they go. Eventually, the New Jersey native follows her mysterious girlfriend to an aquarium, where she disappears, and the singer is left in a day lit, closed-down, gray carnival alone. She eventually “wakes up” back on her bed, looking at a toy ferris wheel, wondering whether the whole experience was all simply a dream.

Watch and listen to the highly-anticipated visual for Halsey’s “Graveyard” below.

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