Known to hundreds of thousands of fans as Griz, Grant Kwiecinski is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer who fuses funk, electro, hip-hop, jazz and soul into a fresh and vibrant sound, but he is also the face of MeUndies’ 2019 Pride collection.

In 2017 the Michigan native announced to the world that he was gay, in a touching op-ed via the Huffington Post, and has since embraced his sexuality and his place in the music industry. In a recent interview, the “Smash the Funk” producer admitted when he finally felt like he fit in: “I finally had role models…. They didn’t think twice about it. They just were who they were, and people around them just knew them for that.”

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Kwiecinski’s relationship with MeUndies began a few years ago as a customer. They started sending him product and he found them to be the perfect clothing fit to wear. When they reached out about being a spokesman for their Pride Collection, in honor of June as national LGBTQ+ Pride Month, it was a the full circle opportunity to fulfill. That approach has turned into a signature style as well as a video which can be seen below.

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