What’s the best way for Green Day to gear up for their massive Hella Mega Tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy this summer? Playing in someone’s backyard, of course.   

“Hey, looks like our new record’s coming out in like a month or something, so we’re just planning some stuff, some surprises,” singer Billie Joe Armstrong said in an Instagram video. “But one thing I was thinking is … does anybody have, like, a relatively big backyard that we can do, like, a backyard party somewhere? Maybe come play at your house, or your garage,   backyard?” he continued.

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While this may seem like a tantalizing offer for many fans to have their favorite band play on their property, the main caveat is that the location must be in California. So far, information regarding how to sign up has not been released but should soon be made available.

G​​reen Day’s 13th studio album, Father of All Motherf—ers, is due out on February 7th. Meanwhile, another track is coming at the end of this week.

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