Giorgio Moroder Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings on Giorgio Moroder’s work: “it’s just brilliant and it made me fall in love with making music again.”

Over the course of his illustrious career, musical visionary Giorgio Moroder disrupted the music industry with his innovative take on synthesizer arrangements, which he used to create unique songs for artists such as Sia, Britney Spears, and Freddie Mercury. And while his impressive resume boasts some pop music’s elite, it’s also refreshing to see Moroder’s work gaining notoriety outside the genres he’s associated with. In comes Shooter Jennings, a southern rocker specializing in “outlaw country music” who prefers good old-fashioned guitars and banjos over the sleeker synth sounds of pop music. Rolling Stone recently sat down with the American songwriter, who says that the Italian composer’s work was a “subconscious fixture all through his childhood.” In fact, he has dedicated an entire album to Moroder’s work, his seventh studio album Countach (For Giorgio) released February 26 of this year.

“Hearing all that stuff and adapting it to live instruments was in a way showing people how ahead of his time he was. Dissecting his pieces, doing each part by part, and really understanding it from the inside. . . With the Giorgio stuff, it’s just brilliant and it made me fall in love with making music again, in a way.”

On how he approached Moroder’s arrangements and repurposing them within a pure southern rock framework, Jennings states that earlier hits like”Born to Die” are songs “coming out of a blues tradition that holds up to different aesthetic renderings.” Just a small example of Moroder’s genius as an arranger.

“First and foremost he’s a composer. If you look at songs like ‘Neverending Story,’ these really interesting chord structures. [Freddie Mercury’s] ‘Love Kills’ is a great example of one — there’s all these circles of music that happen in the chorus. The average person listens to it and doesn’t hear all that because it seems normal, but he’s really an insane composer.”

Just yesterday (April 26), our friend Giorgio Moroder celebrated his 76th birthday. Gifting us with his musical works for over four decades, we here at PRO MOTION would like to wish him a truly happy birthday and many more to come!