SPIN recently sat down with Giorgio Moroder, one of the most significant trailblazers in the field of electronic music. In addition to supporting his thick signature stache, the Italian producer has produced multi-platinum selling singles and albums for the likes of Donna Summer, Blondie and, most recently, Daft Punk.

On June 12th, Giorgio  will be releasing, Deja Vu,  his first solo album since 1985. Signed to RCA Records, his full length features a plethora of who’s who artists including Charli XCX, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Kelis, and Sia.

When discussing the progress in music technology over his four-plus decades in the entertainment industry, Moroder says, “Thirty years ago, I had my four or five musicians, and the track was done in an hour and a half, two hours … Now you have tracks, and, ‘Oh no, the bass drum is not good,’ and you come up with a list of a thousand bass drums. And it’s quite complicated right now.” The original album title was 74 Is the New 24 reflecting his current age vs the current age his new found audience.

When asked why he decided to go forth with this project, he speaks as only a true artist would.

“The fact that at my age I still get the chance, it’s like, who am I to say no? Especially if you think that there are hundreds and hundreds of young people who are great, good looking, good singers, and young, and the record company’s investing money in me. Sometimes I don’t understand it, but I like it. That’s why I’m back.”