Fans of the dark will rejoice at the sight and name of Gesaffelstein‘s upcoming album: Hyperion. The French techno artist who’s worked with Kanye West, Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd on various projects recently posted ads revealing his soon-to-come effort.

Three years of total silence were snapped in November by the surprise drop of “Reset” – a dark fusion of electronic production with a hip-hop beat – followed by the confirmation of a full-length release. The 31-year-old DJ/producer has since deleted the official album announcement from his now-empty Instagram profile, but one mural exists in Miami as part of the city’s Art Basel celebrations which details the project.

The highly-anticipated exhibition will drop courtesy of Columbia Records, but has not yet been given a formal unveiling date. Until then, watch the official video for the first taste, “Reset” here.

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