For anyone who wishes they were part of Fyre Festival, event organizers Harsh Tokes Booking in Detroit have just the event for such dreamers.

This April, a LARP (live-action role play) of the infamous disaster will be held in Hamtramck, Michigan. The experience invites players to reenact the catastrophe that helped spawn rival Netflix and Hulu documentaries, loads of memes, and an expensive gag pizza. Details of the event are scarce, however, almost 10,000 people have responded to the page on Facebook.

Michelle Birawer of Harsh Tokes Booking spoke about what roles attendees will fill once they enter the festival grounds: “Upon arrival, people will be given their itinerary and an envelope which will assign them a character. There will be a box truck filled with luggage, just like at Fyre, and it will be someone’s job to ‘volunteer’ to distribute luggage. It’s all random.” This kind of allocation of responsibilities seems like it will create total chaos (just as it happened in real life) but there will be more than enough guidance and security this time.

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