Fyre Festival‘s notorious mastermind Billy McFarland is already onto his next “get rich quick” scheme. This time, he’s writing a book from his own perspective with the tentative title, Promythus: The God of Fyre.

Many have already seen documentaries on Netflix and Hulu detailing the catastrophic destination festival, but now, it’s the founder’s turn to share his side of the story. Though McFarland is currently serving out his sentence in federal prison for fraud, he pens the pages behind bars, then mails them to his girlfriend Anastasia Eremenko. Freelance editor Josh Raab has been working on the project and is putting a rush on the publication.

Fyre Festival

Reportedly, the book is not the end of the Fyre saga, as Billy has more plans for a new show, promising that the 2017 train wreck of a gathering was not a “one and done” event. He has serious plans to throw another festival, and he wants his story told before it all goes down. Stay tuned for the official release, which has yet to receive a drop date.

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