The now-infamous Fyre Festival left excited attendees angry and the music industry baffled in 2017, when what was supposed to be a luxury music festival featuring acts such Major Lazer, Blink 182, Migos, Rae Sremmurd and more, turned into utter chaos with a fraud-ridden demise.

On January 18th, Netflix will air FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened to give viewers an in-depth view of what happened over those frightful few days.

While the film primarily focuses on the scam that co-founders Billy McFarland (who is currently serving a six-year jail sentence for defrauding festival investors) and Ja Rule led with Fyre Fest, the entrepreneur does not make the list of interviewees. Instead, director Chris Smith features chaotic clips of attendees dragging soaking-wet mattresses and hoards of people stressfully looking for shelter, interspersed with one-on-one interviews with insiders as well as attendees.

Until the full documentary drops on the 18th, Netflix has supplied a trailer for FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened which can be found below.

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