Forbes has published an article listing the top paid dead celebrities of 2016. Despite the fact your body begins to decompose when your time’s up, your bank account continues to grow. And for celebrities with highly valuable assets, that means they’re still making money in the afterlife.

The list is a who’s who of entertainers throughout the years and includes the recently deceased Prince ($25 million) and David Bowie ($10.5 million).  Michael Jackson tops the list, earning a whopping $825 million (that’s $777 million more than second highest earner, Peanuts creator Charles Schultz).


Jackson can thank his publishing assets for his large paycheck. Back in 1985, the king of pop purchased a catalogue of over 250 songs penned by the Beatles and paid Sony/ATV $47.5 million for the rights. This year he raked in $750 million off that collection alone.

Former Beatle John Lennon is also Forbes’ list ($12 million) along  with Elvish Presley ($27 million) and Albert Einstein ($11.5 million). Check out the full list and article here.

1. Michael Jackson: $825 million
2. Charles Schulz: $48 million
3. Arnold Palmer: $40 million
4. Elvis Presley: $27 million
5. Prince: $25 million
6. Bob Marley: $21 million
7. Theodore Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss: $20 million
8. John Lennon: $12 million
9. Albert Einstein: $11.5 million
10. Bettie Page: $11 million
11. David Bowie: $10.5 million
12. Steve McQueen: $9 million
13. Elizabeth Taylor: $8 million

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