Flume revisits the past with the public release of his 4-part documentary series When Everything Was New. Originally available only to Apple Music users in 2018, the film it is now free for all to view.

The Grammy award-winning DJ/producer captures his humble beginnings, from making beats in his room to shaping entire tours around his music. The documentary is nostalgic to look at how the Australia-born artist started and how far he’s come as an artist.

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The series crams in a lot of milestone moments including his signing to Future Classic, numerous award wins, and the creation his live show. His parents, collaborators, and friends share some of their favorite moments, along with the artist himself who adds his own personal touch.

Flume’s documentary is broken down into four different snapshots, totaling approximately 45 minutes of behind-the-scenes content. Not only does it have an amazing soundtrack and great information, but it’s beautifully shot and arranged. Watch When Everything Was New here.

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