Many know Flume as one of the best producers in the industry, being able to create tracks that have never even been thought of before. Now, he’s giving those sounds to his fans.

In a new project he’s calling the Flume Sound Files, the Australian DJ/artist just shared a dozen samples ranging between 6 seconds and 63 seconds and featuring varying BPMs. He characterized the offering as “A more open source culture of creativity…wanted to put these out in the world and see what comes back – download a sound, create something, upload it with the hashtag #flumesounds.”

The experience comes with a huge catch though: Included in the Dropbox is a user agreement that lays out the rules for using these sounds. Most importantly, people cannot monetize anything they create from the samples; and in addition, Flume can use anything created and may upload it only if the end goal is to “promote or otherwise recap” the experiment. Apart from that, musicians are free to use the sounds however they like.

Grab all the tracks here — with producers being able to listen to a preview of each before downloading them. Be sure to read the User Agreement carefully.

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