During a recent visit to Australia’s Triple J, Flume brought along some friends and collaborators to cover Ghost Town DJ’s’ nostalgic jam, “My Boo” during its “Like a Version” segment.

The ’96 Atlanta bass classic and recently meme-fied track is reimagined with assists from rapper Vince Staples and Kučka (who both guested his most recent LP Skin)

In the video, Flume dexterously chops up the arrangement on his Launchpad, while Staples delivers some fiery bars.

“Would you mind moving closer/Let me look into your eyes/ This is a sight for the ages/Got me anxious/So punch drunk right now,” Staples raps for in his first verse with his eyes closed.

Watch Flume, Vince Staples, and Kučka  cover Ghost Town DJ’s’ “My Boo” below.

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