Lady Gaga has confirmed an upcoming collaboration with Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.

Three years after her last album was released, the 30 year old songbird announced the arrival of her newest single “Perfect Illusion” to appear on her next album, which is still yet to be titled. Gaga collaborated with Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker on the track, saying she wrote the lyrics for “Perfect Illusion” on a typewriter. The song is said to have a rock sound different from her usual sound, yet it still has a pulsating dance beat.

Fans are excited about her upcoming album and her newest single, but they are also excited about the surprise Lady Gaga revealed during her recent interview with BBC 1 just hours after her single dropped. Reports with BBC 1 said that Lady Gaga was very excited about a song on her album featuring Florence Welch, quoting she is “one of the greatest vocalists in the world. She’s incredible.”

Lady Gaga said she had been working on an idea for a duet that she desired singing with a woman and wondered who she would duet with, Florence Welch being the final choice. Gaga informed the station and her fans that they would understand why she chose Florence Welch once they heard the song.

Listen to “Perfect Illusion” below and grab it on iTunes here.