First MDMA/Psychotherapy Trial Is Successful In Combating Alcoholism

MDMA in conjunction with psychotherapy appears to be successful in treating alcoholism, according to a new clinical study. While the drug has been used in many recreational ways, especially in the rave community, it is now being applied scientifically to try and cure different ailments.

The first-of-its-kind trial was conducted over eight weeks by Imperial College London and used four patients from different walks of life: “a 54-year-old mother-of-three, a 34-year-old man with two children, a retired man who had been drinking for 30 years and a former heroin user.” Each were treated with weekly psychotherapy sessions and monthly doses of 99.9 percent pure MDMA. Though two of the adults “slipped up” and had a single drink each over the eight weeks, the other two participants remained completely sober for the entirety of the treatment.

One of the subjects was quoted saying — “It’s given me what I wanted; to be cured, to not have the cravings, to look at life differently. I’m not so angry at everything… Being under MDMA was beautiful. It showed me the real me; the me without alcohol.”

Overall, this test was a necessary first study in the ongoing research to investigate whether MDMA can be used from a medical standpoint to battle addiction. The direct effects of MDMA were not measured, but rather, this study was carried out to test the safety of the program.

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