The first ever EDM awards ceremony, The Electronic Music Awards & Foundation (EMAF), was planned to be held tomorrow night (April 14) at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles and aired on April 23 at 8PM on Fox. The ceremony is a collaboration between the major television network and musician Paul Oakenfold while being hosted by English DJ Goldie, while MTV EMA Awards producer Russell Thomas would be directing the event. While all the gears were in motion, an EMAF spokesperson stated that the timing wasn’t right but due to this being the show’s first year, they were allotted significantly more flexibility. In their own words:

“As this is the first year of the awards, we have the luxury of flexibility, which we are taking advantage of to decide the optimal timetable to present the awards. With this opportunity, we felt that it would better to represent the electronic music calendar in the fall rather than the spring.”

A new time and date for the broadcast has not officially been announced, so check back regularly to stay in the loop.