There is a perpetual discussion in the music world as to who has the best visuals, with the same names usually popping up – Pink Floyd, Muse, STS9 and Pretty Lights – but one artist and his team keep quietly upping the ante with their exhibitions.

Eric Prydz has been incorporating insane lights, lasers and holograms into his shows for years (corresponding with the EPIC shows), using cutting-edge technology to bring something completely new to audiences every time. This week, the Swedish Progressive/Techno DJ/producer posted to social media, teasing his newest production: EPIC 6.0, HOLOSPHERE. The video he shared demonstrates multiple screens with high resolution renderings of what the upcoming show will look like.

At this time, it is unknown if whether or not what was seen by fans represents massive holograms which will engulf the “Stay With Me” artist while he plays on stage, or a mesh of LEDs inside which Prydz will perform much like his EPIC 4.0 show that saw him spinning tracks within a cube. The HOLOSPHERE is rumored to be unveiled at Tomorrowland later this year.

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