Eric Prydz is one of the last to shy away from voicing his opinion via Twitter, and his latest verbal scuffle comes courtesy of the panic over COVID-19.

While the CDC continues to clamp down on the recommended number of people that can be in one space, the native Swede had some of his own thoughts. It seems he doesn’t believe that healthy individuals should change their routine and in his original tweet tackling the subject, he stated “Solution is for ALL healthy people to get it. And the risk zone people to be Quarantined. If we stay home we will just prolong the procedure.”

What he seems to suggest is that those who are younger (and therefore less likely to get seriously ill from the virus) should go about their normal lives, get sick, and build immunity to COVID-19.

After the inevitable backlash, Prydz deleted his tweets (though not before people got screenshots and uploaded them to Reddit) and then drastically changed the tone of the discussion, concluding “Final thoughts… Stay fucking safe.” See the string of messages and conversations here.

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Photo: Amnesia Ibiza