Marking the first time both rappers have collaborated on a song Logic and Eminem have teamed up for “Homicide.”

Though the two lyricists have ill thoughts in mind, the real murder on this track has more to do with the rapid-fire rapping that takes place. “Mass murder like this can’t be good for my health/When I rap like this, do I sound like shit?/Well it really don’t matter ’cause I’m killing this shit,” the 22-year-old spits on the Universal Music recording, before asking himself, “Bobby how many times you’ve been killing this shit?”

Eminem subsequently takes the rap reigns, reciting “From the East Coast to the West/I’m the ethos and I’m the G.O.A.T… Who the best? I don’t got to say a fuckin’ thing though/’Cause MCs know.” The vocals sit atop a simple beat with rolling hi-hats leaving ample space for both musicians’ oral expressions. Listen to the speedy “Homicide” below.

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