Eminem teamed up with Beyonce to create the emotional new song “Walk on Water,” the first sample from his upcoming ninth LP, rumored to be titled Revival.

Eminem teased the track on Twitter this week with a fake medical informercial hyping the drug “Revival” as a cutting-edge medicine. “Don’t waste your one shot – seize the moment,” an actor says, while warning of potential “side effects.” He hasn’t said anything about his new album, but given that he will perform November 18th on Saturday Night Live, an announcement is expected soon.

Between Beyonce’s delicate singing and over the light piano playing in the background, Em raps in an almost-freestyle, “God’s given me all this – still I feel no different regardless,” he rhymes. “Kids look to me as a god – this is retarded/ If only they knew it’s a facade and it’s exhausted.” The 45-year-old rapper hints to his public image being fake – a scary realization to those who have idolized him for years.

Eminem will perform this newest single, “Walk on Water” live for the first time when he appears at the MTV European Video Music Awards, broadcasting from London this Sunday.

During last month’s BET Awards, Eminem earned praise with his visceral, Trump-bashing freestyle, “The Storm,” which criticized the president for his response to the NFL protests, Hurricane Maria and the Las Vegas shooting. No doubt, there will probably be more to come on the full album.

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