Elvis Costello revealed that he has a “a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy” which has forced him to cancel certain tour dates.

From the artist’s website, he wrote, “Six weeks ago my specialist called me and said, ‘You should start playing the Lotto.’ He had rarely, if ever, seen such a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy that could be defeated by a single surgery.” Because the tumor is treatable, Costello was pleased to report that his European summer tour could, very well, proceed as planned.

After playing multiple tour dates, the 63-year-old UK native was advised by his doctor to cancel all remaining  shows and the super-singer/songwriter once again announced to his fans that, “The spirit has been more than willing but I have to now accept that it is going to take longer than I would have wished for me to recover my full strength.”

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While his specific type of illness has not yet been disclosed, Costello addressed his male fans by saying: “Gentleman [sic], do talk to your friends – you’ll find you are not alone – seek your doctor’s advice if you are in doubt…”

One of Great Britain’s most celebrated songwriters, Elvis Costello launched his career in the late 1970’s by channeling the energy of punk into classic, melodic song-craft, and went on to define the “new wave” movement. In addition to releasing 24 solo albums, he has collaborated with such musical luminaries as Burt Bacharach, Allen Toussaint and hip-hop band the Roots.

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