In the new video for Ellie Goulding‘s “Worry About Me,” the singer goes full vampire and her collaborator appears as twins.

Directed by Emil Nava and set in a “middle American” woodland, the visual for the Polydor-released recording shows the 33-year-old stranded in the woods with identical Blackbears. Despite their tricks and teases, Goulding gradually gains control of them through magical means. Give the clip a view here.

Blackbear notes of the recording, “It’s a song with a passive yet descriptive message of independence, charisma and attitude while a statue of smooth still stands tall. I love this side of Ellie Goulding over this tempo and darker hip-hop production.”

“Worry About Me” is Goulding’s first new 2020 release and will be featured on her upcoming album, due out June 5th. She previously dropped the Four Tet collaboration “Baby,” as well as a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “River.”

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Photo: Constanza.CH