Electric Forest officially began yesterday in Rothbury, Michigan, with Kygo, Bassnectar, Odesza, and Zeds Dead headlining over the weekend. While the festival offers attendees plenty of opportunities to explore the woods and have fun, a warning has been issued across the internet: “stay away from the big red bus.”

According to reports, the bus (pictured above) is run by a predatory cult called 12 Tribes that is alleged to drug and abduct individuals and take them back to their compound. The group is believed to be possibly involved in the disappearance of Electric Forest attendee Kevin Graves last year. One of the most-shared posts regarding this situation reiterates some important points to remember when having fun this weekend: “Remember not everyone out there is your friend. Not everyone’s intentions are pure. Some are disingenuous and some are straight up dangerous. Use the buddy system, stay with your friends/fam, never go off on your own.”

While inclusiveness is a major part of the festival ethos, attendees are warned to take caution if approached by anyone coming from or associated with this vehicle.

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