EDC Orlando has expanded into a full three-day festival this year, running this weekend from November 8-10. Stacked with a giant lineup, more stages and new experiences, the gathering is finally getting its much needed breakout showcase.

Promoter and organizer Insomniac has revealed the full schedule and map for the experience. As usual, the biggest artists such as deadmau5, Eric Prydz, DJ Snake and Above & Beyond play prime time slots. This year is stacked to the brim from the opening, with artists such as Arty and ARTBAT playing early sets. The grounds now include five stages as well, notably adding the stereoBLOOM area. Set times themselves are pretty lengthy, with most artists playing at least an hour. Some of the bigger acts, including nearly everyone at neonGARDEN, will play for 90 minutes.

In terms of the larger layout of the show, the official grounds map notes how much the festival has grown in sheer size. The venue now includes new art pieces and activations, not to mention the five flagship stages and the smaller bonus stages. Check out the full schedule for the biggest EDC Orlando yet as well as the map below.

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