Ed Sheeran has announced a documentary about his own life and musical journey, to be released via Apple Music on Friday August 28th.

Sheeran’s filmmaker cousin Murray Cummings followed the singer for the past ten years on tours and in recording studios, catching moments such as a young Ed playing cello, bass, guitar and drums.

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In the trailer for the appropriately-named Songwriter doc, Sheeran reflects on his childhood, musical development and creative challenges. It also shines a light on the writing and recording of his third LP, 2017’s ÷.

The “Shape of You” singer said, “The album is the peak of my songwriting and musical ability, It might be that I never get this again. The last two albums were building up to something. This one, it definitely feels magical.”

In a statement about Songwriter, Sheeran praised Cummings’ film as “brilliantly [documenting] the hard work and DNA that goes into creating a song from start to finish.”

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