Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” continues to the dominate the charts. The No. 1 Hot 100 tune has sold a total of 306,000 copies and has been streamed 42.9 million times, now matching the all-time record held by Justin Bieber.

Although Sheeran’s acoustic dancehall-tinged track uses seemingly few instruments and sometimes ventures into completely acapella sections, it packs quite a punch that many dance music producers and remixers have taken and run with.

The Suffolk-born singer is no stranger to the dance music community, as his previous hits have been remixed by the likes of Kygo and Alex Adair to create some truly stunning new pieces of art which attest to his raw musical talent.

We’ve heard some great remixes of Sheeran’s infectious tune, check out our favorites so far.

Sisco Kennedy Remix

First off, I love this remix. It not only keeps the upbeat dance feel of the original, but adds a little more sax and swing to make it a bit more tropical without going overboard. This remix by Sisco Kennedy stays pure to the original song by not adding too much, but contributing just the right elements to turn Sheeran’s song into one of the sweetest dance remixes I’ve heard so far this year.

Majestic Remix

Majestic really did his thing on this one. As the original was very simple, this remix features additions such as a piano and a driving, four-on-the-floor house beat that keeps building until you’re launched into an inevitable fit of dancing. Definitely the best club remix of “Shape of You”.

Ayden Carrigan Remix

This is not just another house edit to the original “Shape Of You”. Though Carrigan’s remix does start like your typical house track, the sped up vocals which then dive into a deeper section of the song are perfectly paired: light with dark. Add it to your playlists.

Stephen Harvey Remix

This remix seems to do away with most of the instrumental of the original song, but that doesn’t mean the remix turned out bad. Quite the opposite of bad, Stephen Harvey has created a song that, with its flowing and never-ending synths, induces a mellow and serenity. As I mentioned, there is very little of the original instrumentation, but in a good way seeing that the song never forces you to feel anything other than a steady stream of calm.

Manceor Remix

In the first few seconds, you wouldn’t realize it was originally an Ed Sheeran track without the simple melody, but the Manceor remix of “Shape of You” pays homage to the original on a whole other level. From the build to the drop, this mix is  completely different from anything you’d expect from a remix of an Sheeran song. In some parts, it has done away completely with the original and morphed into another animal. You gotta give it to Manceor for transforming “Shape of You” track into something much different, but equally exciting.

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