Ed Sheeran and songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington have reached a deal in a $20 million copyright lawsuit over the singer’s song “Photograph.”

Leonard and Harrington accused Sheeran and his co-writer Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol of “unabashedly taking credit” and copying “Photograph” “note-for-note” from their song “Amazing.” This claim is not off-base as the choruses of the two songs share 39 identical notes, numerous chords and other similarities that are “instantly recognizable to the ordinary observer”

Though we know that the two parties came to a settlement, no one has officially disclosed what the terms of the settlement were.

In the meantime, listen to the two songs and compare them to see if they really sound alike:

Richard Busch, the lawyer representing the “Amazing” writers in this case, is the same lawyer who represented Marvin Gaye’s family in 2015 and won the $7.4 million copyright-infringement case against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over their single “Blurred Lines”

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