Might you have a questionable tattoo? Well don’t worry because Ed Sheeran has enough for all of us.

His most recent one comes with a pretty funny story:

During the filming of the upcoming music video for his song “Galway Girl,” his love interest, played by Saoirse Ronan, was supposed to actually tattoo “Galway Girl” onto Sheeran’s arm. Seeing that he already has a ton of interesting tattoos, Ronan thought she’d add to that collection by writing “Galway Grill” (as in “Welcome to Galway Grill, my name is Dave and I’ll be your server tonight”).

Sheeran commented on the permanent tattoo, saying “She really took the piss out of me with this one… I’m actually kind of proud of her. It’s the kind of thing that I would do.”


He could get it removed, but a guy who has a chest tattoo of a lion probably isn’t too worried about having an intentional typo on his body forever.

I’m just wondering how Sheeran didn’t notice what Ronan was tattooing on him until she was done.

As for that music video, stay tuned because it should end up being pretty interesting.

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