After being featured on Eminem’s “Walk on Water“, Beyoncé is back with a feature on an Ed Sheeran track. Announced earlier today, the ‘Perfect Duet’ titled duet is a ballad from the pair with Sheeran strumming on his guitar. The song is is a remix of the ‘Perfect’ track that Sheeran released on his Divide album.

Sheeran revealed Beyoncé as the featured vocalist, as well as the remix’s imminent release, via a post on Instagram posted earlier today.The “Shape of You” singer later revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that the the song was one of the fastest songs he’s ever written and the first one he wrote for the album and one that he’s still not sick of.

He explained: “It’s one of those things. The song came out so long ago in the scheme of music. Music kind of goes so fast. And I was like, I want to do it as a single.

“And then I thought of a way of re-launching it. I was like, I love Beyoncé, should I ask Beyoncé? In my head, I was like, she’s going to say no, and then I was like, well you might as well ask, and she said yes.”

Stream ‘Perfect Duet’ below.

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