As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entertainment industry to adapt in many ways, the live sector has been struggling to make ends meet. In Holland, the powers that be have just extended the uncertain return to normal concert experiences indefinitely.

Holland’s prime minister, Mark Rutte, recently announced new safety regulations for music venues and theaters, declaring that nightclubs — which were expected to open on September 1st — will remain closed until a vaccine is readily available. Seeing that there is no such vaccine at this time, a reopening date for clubs remains elusive. Furthermore, the new restrictions, announced by Rutte in a press conference this week, also include a ban on outdoor events, as well as public consumption of alcohol.

While Rutte said, “If there is a vaccine, we can get rid of the measures, but that is a dot on the horizon,” Health Minister Hugo de Jonge complemented the statement by saying that the research into a vaccine is progressing, and that the Netherlands could receive the first batch of vaccinations in early 2021.

In another European tourism and nightlife hotspot, government officials in Ibiza are preparing for a rapid response testing system that will allow the White Isle to open back up to clubbers next summer.

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Photo: pat00139