While news of the Dua Lipa and Silk City (aka Mark Ronson and Diplo) collaboration on Columbia Records continues to spread, the “New Rules” singer spilled the beans on some new aspects of the song, video and her upcoming music.

With five #1* Billboard dance singles to her credit, the artist talked about how the new single has an exciting new vibe which she wants to incorporate into her next Warner Bros album which is coming out soon.

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“We did a song together that I’m again really excited about,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “It’s something different, but it does lead into some of new music that I’m going to bring in my albums. It’s got some throwback elements to it; it’s dancey; it’s still a pop song. I just shot the video — I shot it the day before yesterday but I finished at seven a.m. yesterday morning. We shot all through the night. It wasn’t at the Louvre, unfortunately — it was in New Jersey.”

Watch a snippet of the interview below.

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