Foundation Nightclub in Seattle is known for the legendary acts that they bring through the door such as Pegboard Nerds, Cosmic Gate, Valentino Khan, and Claude VonStroke, but the staff may now be facing jail time for some unsavory business.

Due to an undercover operation between the Seattle Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) special agents, 12 people have been arrested.

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The operation began in March of this year when police received reports of drug trafficking within the club. According to the Seattle Police Blotter, “In a series of undercover operations, police purchased cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, and GHB inside or near the club. All of the drugs were either purchased from employees at the club, including security, or facilitated by employees or managers of Foundation, who introduced undercover officers to dealers.” In summation, a large amount of stimulants as well as a widely-known date rape drug were recovered.

At the end of the sting, SPD and HSI “seized 829 grams of cocaine, over 1,000 grams of MDMA, 400 ecstasy pills, 800 Xanax pills, 190 grams of ketamine, 13 grams of DMT, 176 grams of GHB, 1200 Molly capsules, and additional prescription drugs, as well as two handguns and more than $60,000 in cash.”

The club’s liquor license has also been revoked, thus forcing the club to shut down for the time being. Foundation has issued a statement via Twitter:

“Fans and patrons of Foundation Nightclub, on Wednesday, August 9th, our Liquor License was temporarily suspended and the venue will be closed as we work through this issue. We will keep you posted on our status via our social media channels. Ticketholders for upcoming events will be contacted with respect to the ticketed event. We appreciate your patience and are hopeful that we can get back to the music as soon as possible.”

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