Drake and Tchaikovsky. Seems a bit strange, but what’s fun without a little bit of weird?

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Steve Hackman – a Los Angeles-based composer, conductor, and producer – believes that Drake and 19th century composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky both have a lot to bring to the table, especially when their music is considered together.

“All these pieces are reflective of my musical values, which is the idea that whether it’s pop music or classical music intrinsically doesn’t matter — one isn’t better than the other,” Hackman said in an interview. “I’m trying to realize a new musical world that I think we need right and I think people are interested in and that’s the classical colliding with the pop. If it’s good music, it’s good music.”

This guy has REALLY done his research because for his traveling show, Hackman recruited classically trained musicians and singers to bring together the pieces. “I retain the original instrumentation and add three singers and some percussion to kick the Drake moments into gear.”

Check out “Marvin’s Room II” from Steve Hackman’s Drake + Tchaikovsky symphonic mash-up below.

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