In a move that’s years in the making, the British have formally recognized DJ’ing as a music qualification.

After recognizing CDJs as an instrument for the music General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in 2016, FutureDJs along with the London College of Music Examiners recently advocated for the inclusion of the technology in qualifications, publishing a syllabus that offered the certifications. What followed was an allowance that exams taken on CDJs will be grade certified which means that a certification in DJ’ing is equivalent to those in classical and jazz instruments.

Adding CDJs as an instrument and offering the certification is a step in the right direction as the action may reinvigorate enthusiasm for the music GCSE as it legitimizes the art of DJ’ing as a musical form.

Although Oxford, Cambridge, RSA Examinations, and Eduqas now recognize CDJs as a musical instrument, there remains gap between the demand for courses on CDJs and capable teachers able to lead the charge. FutureDJs is working on the issue to create more offerings and bring in qualified instructors and the exam in DJing is set to be offered by the London College of Music Examiners starting this month, proctored by FutureDJ tutors.

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Photo: Sergey Kozak