DJ Snake is back with another massive collaboration with the J Balvin and Tyga-assisted “Loco Contigo.”

The Geffen Records-released effort opens with a repetitive melody recited, before launching into the meat of the track, with Balvin explaining why he’s “crazy about you:” “Tu me tienes loco, loco contigo/Yo trato y trato pero baby no te olvido,” (“You have me crazy, crazy with you. I try and try but baby I can’t forget you”). The “Rack City” rapper then spells out his intentions, “Ooh, I make it hot, your body on top/Kiss me up, wanna lip lock/Party won’t stop, and it’s four o’clock.”

The lyrical content is backed up by the French DJ/producer’s production which, as only he can do, contains a laid-back yet danceable beat that complements all other aspects of the recording. “Loco Contigo” is just one in a series of songs that DJ Snake has released featuring non-traditional EDM sounds in conjunction with Hip-Hop and/or Latin artists. Listen to his latest creation below.

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