DJ Snake has always done things a little bit differently, from using actual turntables in the digital age to creating hot EDM tracks with Rap stars, but this time, he has made history.

Performing at the largest single-day dance music event in history in Europe with over 40,000 in attendance at the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre, just outside Paris this past weekend, the French native created the largest wall of death that electronic music has ever seen. While the mosh pit itself contained just a fraction of the overall attendees, it was still done on a grand scale.

In the video below, Snake can be seen counting down to the moment when his fans ran at each other from opposing ends of the arena, throwing themselves into the fray without caution. The track playing is unreleased, but rumored to be fittingly named “I Can’t Trust Nobody.” Check out the clips of two different points of view here.

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Photo: swimfinfan