In response to an interesting and challenging 2020 for those whose living is based on live music, many an artist has taken to the virtual space to create dazzling live stream displays including DJ Snake who recently stood side-by-side with Malaa

The follow-up to their Best Of Both Worlds end of the Summer stream, the two Frenchmen teamed up for the “Secret Room”, spinning classic dance tracks and a number of unreleased titles. From KOHMI and KinAhau’s spellbinding introduction to Bleu Clair and OOTORO’s must-hear ID to a host of other new and soon-to-be released Confession music, DJ Snake and Malaa delivered above and beyond expectations.

In addition to their musical repertoire the visual production shimmered with a dazzling show of multiple moving lights, lasers, and LED screens that complemented the B2B stream. Check out the 41-minute “Secret Room” set from the French duo.

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Photo: Didier Appéré Photographe