As social distancing measures continue to push the entertainment industry into the virtual space, local and global artists are adapting to the new normal, including Disclosure who’ve signed up for a new three-part series on Apple Music dubbed “Big Tree Energy Radio.”

This online endeavor will feature the UK duo playing a variety of new music as well as conducting exclusive interviews with slowthai, Blick Bassy, and more. The maiden voyage radio show launched Friday, August 21st, with parts two and three airing on August 27th and September 4th with the Lawrence brothers bringing heat with their signature sounds and style.

In addition to the streams, Disclosure will walk listeners through their upcoming album ENERGY, giving insight into how they selected a varirty if collaborators for different tracks. On the process, they said: “So something we get asked a lot is how we pick our features, how we pick the people we want to work with. And it’s a really simple answer of just who we’re fans of. Number one fact above all, it doesn’t matter how you look, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t even matter if you sing or rap, or even for this album, if you even sing and speak English. We’ve really tried to branch out with this album and it’s the first time we’ve got two artists on there who are not even singing in our native language of English. So it’s absolutely important to us to make sure that we’re including all these different types of people from all over the world, trying to gather as many sounds and inspirations as we can.”

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Photo: saintsebastion