Diplo just dropped a teaser of what appears to be the next LSD single and video.

The clip for “Thunderclouds” features a mysterious candy-haired warrior standing strong against a raging storm. She is not exactly Sia, but there is a hint of the singer in the woman’s face. As the storm continues, Sia’s voice beckons to the wind, rain and lighting as the actress’ hair flows with the weather.

This short recording could very well be part of an official music video or an attempt to create hype. Regardless, it’s a powerful reminder of the supergroup that is Labrinth, Sia and Diplo. Watch the short clip below and get hyped for the full version.


In an interesting and exciting twist of event this particular song is featured as the promotional track for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which was unveiled during the 2018 Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York, on August 9th.

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