Danish pop star has teamed up with Diplo once again to drop a lighthearted collaboration entitled “Sun In Our Eyes.”

The Sony Music release will appear on the “Lean On” singer’s upcoming second studio album Forever Neverland. The David Helman-directed production shows a group of people who decide to take the road less traveled – blazing their own path (in this case by boat) and breaking away from society to create their own world on the high seas. Check it out here.

According to MØ, the inspiration for the video came from, “Peter Pan and the lost boys – sailing instead of flying – setting out for distant shores in hopes of finding and living out their dreams. Collectively they are rejecting the harsh reality of the lives and the world they used to live in.” She continued, saying, “‘Sun In Our Eyes’ is a love song. It circles the subject of being unwilling to accept the truth. You wanna keep riding the high even though you deep down know it might be wrong and that it’s all a self-made illusion.” That theme will be on full display on the upcoming album.

Forever Neverland, set to be released October 19th, will be MØ’s first full length album since her 2014 debut No Mythologies To Follow.

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