Diplo stopped by VICELAND’s Desus & Mero, to talk about his new documentary Give Me Future, and cleared the air surrounding his supposed beef with Rihanna.

Even though Rihanna once compared Diplo’s music to “a reggae song at an airport,” Diplo only had good things to say: “She’s the truest artist that we have in this era right now.” His reasoning? “She’s able to be a good influence for girls, she takes chances, she represents the Caribbean, she’s fashionable, she runs her own company…”

And in response to what Rihanna said, Diplo explained that the music she was commenting on “was so ‘Metro Boomin’-ed’ out that my record sounded pretty bad”.

For more on the supposed feud between Diplo and Rihanna, you can watch the episode of Desus & Mero below.

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