Forbes has this week unleashed its highest-paid musicians of the year list, which finds Diddy AKA Puff Daddy taking home 2017’s top honor upon raking in a cool $130 million USD. The hip-hop mogul finished ahead of Beyoncé and Drake, who rounded out the top three with earnings of $105 million USD and $94 million USD respectively.

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Forbes looked at artists’ pay days from June 1, 2016 to June 1, 2017 to settle the ranking. Though Puff didn’t release much music within that period, his Bad Boy reunion tour was one of the must-get tickets of the year, as it was the first time in nearly 20 years that so many members of the Bad Boy roster were on one stage. He also sold his shares of the Sean John clothing line for $70 million dollars, which was a major windfall that bolstered his total.

Following Diddy, Beyoncé and Drake – are The Weeknd ($92 million USD) and Coldplay ($88 million USD) who come in at numbers four and five, while some more iconic bands in Guns N’ Roses ($84 million USD) and Metallica ($66.5 million USD) also join the top ten. Justin Bieber ($83.5 million USD), Bruce Springsteen ($75 million USD) and Adele ($69 million USD) are highlighted within the group as well.

1. Puff Daddy ($130 million)
2. Beyoncé ($105 million)
3. Drake ($94 million)
4. The Weeknd ($92 million)
5. Coldplay ($88 million)
6. Guns N’ Roses ($84 million)
7. Justin Bieber ($83.5 million)
8. Bruce Springsteen ($75 million)
9. Adele ($69 million)
10. Metallica ($66.5 million)

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