He’s done it again. Sean Combs has changed his name, seemingly as a birthday present to himself.

On Sunday, his birthday, the hip hop star shared a video on Twitter to reveal that he’s decided to change his name to something completely different. “I know it’s risky because it could come off as corny to some people,” he said. “So my new name is Love, aka Brother Love. I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, or any of my other monikers.”

He also explained how he came upon the name “Love” now because “I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different.”

First he was Puff Daddy, then he was P. Diddy, only to drop the P five years later to become “Diddy,” which was later expanded to encompass the group Diddy—Dirty Money.

Check out Love’s Twitter video where he announced his new name below.

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