Dex Experience, the cosmetics entrepreneur-turned-Billboard-charting dance music artist returns with his new single, “Don’t Underestimate Me”, complete with outstanding music video!

The recording follows the life and struggles of a man who feels imprisoned by the norms that society has placed on him. “You may think I’m crazy, or just a fool to you/ Baby you don’t know me, I’ve got news for you/ No matter what they may, they won’t get in my way/ Neither judge or jury, can silence what I say” sings lead singer Dexter Phillip, as he solidifies the belief in his own self-worth over a flowing and triumphant instrumental.

The Quantum Digital Music-released track’s video drives the New York native’s point home as it aims to embrace one’s own imperfections by showing groups of oppressed people, mainly the disabled, obese and members of the LGBTQIA+ communities locked up in cages. As the Eric Kupper produced and mixed composition climaxes Dex is accompanied, both, vocally and visually by legendary house music diva, Dawn Tallman who helps free the marginalized lot from their bondage. Watch the inspiring and powerful video for “Don’t Underestimate Me” here.

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