Demi Lovato joined Jimmy Fallon for the latest installment of The Tonight Show’s recurring sketch, “Ew!”

In this installment Demi and Jimmy, aka Emily and Sara, were gearing up for the Spring Fling Dance as Emily returned from the mall with a dress. Sara loved the dress and said, “That’s a classic color that never goes out of style. Emerald green!”

Emily was concerned about boys who might want to kiss her at the dance, so Sara pulled out her “crush pillows” to practice on. The faces of Mario Lopez and Ed Sheeran were printed on the pillows. The girls shoved their faces into them for awkward kisses.

The sketch closed with an “ew” speed round, in which Emily rated Thin Mints, ankle bracelets, slime and acclaimed actor Tom Wilkinson, all of which – especially the latter – received an enthusiastic “Ew!”

As usual, the fun ended when step-dad Gary came down and hilariously crashed the party.

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